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What is the difference between us and conventional syndicates?

Welcome to our private lottery syndicate

We involve ALL (active and passive) players in ALL betting series per drawing

With a conventional syndicate you can play many combinations with a relatively small stake by buying shares in a lottery system.

The costs, but also the possible winnings, are then distributed across all shares of the gaming community. The possible profit is therefore relatively low!

NEW - With our syndicate you will receive 80% of the winnings for your OWN tip in 1st and 2nd place paid out yourself. Only 20% of the profit in 1st and 2nd rank is distributed to the other players on a percentage basis.

You can participate actively or passively in our syndicate.

As an active player, you play your OWN tip. You will also receive 80% of the profit for your OWN tip paid out yourself. Only 20% of the profit from your tip will be distributed to the other players.

NEW - As a passive player, you DO NOT play your own tip, but you benefit as a percentage from all betting series and you participate in the 20% distribution of a profit in the 1st and 2nd rank if a tip wins!

And to show the whole thing without having your own residence in the Emirates, as this is covered by the syndicate.

YOUR SECURITY: When paying with PayPal, you automatically have buyer protection. If your tip is placed incorrectly by us (e.g. number rotator) or completely forgotten to place, you can either request the free repetition of your tip on the coming draw, or alternatively get back the game amount with buyer protection via PayPal!