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Welcome to our private lottery syndicate  

This is how it works / your safety (# 13)

  1. Go to our "online betting" option above
  2. Choose whether you want to become an active or passive player
  3. As an Active player, you play your own guess AND you are involved in all further lines of guesses
  4. Passive players are only involved in all the betting series played but do NOT play their own betting series
  5. Choose a weekly or monthly tip
  6. Enter your details (preferred day draw, name, email for notification of winnings)
  7. Submit your tip (6 out of 49) for German or (5 out 50) + (2 out 10) for EUROJACKPOT and (6 out of 49) for Arabic UAE  lotteries
  8. Submit your game period running time for GlücksSpirale (1 week or 1 year draws)
  9. Then select "Add to bag"
  10. Then select "Go to Checkout" or "Add more" if you want to play another bet
  11. At the checkout, in the shopping cart on the left-hand side, you can see all your data with your personal series of tips (check again that you have only selected 6 tip numbers!)
  12. Then tick the box: "I agree to the CONTRACT Gambling Friends, Your security, payment methods, and data protection" (Here you can read all of them)
  13. Then choose your payment method: PayPal or credit card
  14. YOUR SECURITY: When paying with PayPal, you automatically have buyer protection. If your tip is placed incorrectly by us (twisted numbers) or completely forgotten to place, you can either request the free repetition of your tip on the coming draw or alternatively get back the game amount with buyer protection via PayPal!
  15. After your payment process you will automatically receive an invoice with your personal winning numbers. Please keep this as evidence for a profit distribution.
  16. All series of bets submitted will be placed with the lottery company and you will find the series of bets here under "Bet slips played".