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All lotteries - same ticket price

Play with us European, German or Arabic UAE lottery ...

  • active, with your own tip (you benefit from your tip AND all other tickets) ... or you play ...
  • passive, and you benefit ONLY from the tips of the other players without an own tip

WIN ...

  • up to 90,000,000 Euro/~110,000,000 USD with European EUROJACKPOT lottery
  • up to 17,000,000 Euro/~20,000,000 USD with German Jackpot lottery
  • 10,000 Euro/~12,000 USD a month for 20 years or cash up to 100,000 Euro/~120,000 USD with german GlückSpirale - The annuity lottery 
  • up to 50,000,000 AED/~ 13,500,000 USD with Arabic UAE Jackpot lottery

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